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Kits of Distinction: Designed by Craftsmen, Built by Connoisseurs

This is the disclaimer page. It should be a superset of the disclaimers on the various pages, plus a few more fun items. If after you plow through it you still have questions, contact Larry Pieniazek or any bricksmith.

ALL the disclaimers, in all their glory...
  • LEGO?is a registered trademark of the LEGO?Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site. Please visit the Official LEGO?WWW page.
  • More importantly, there should be no confusion. These are not official LEGO?models and LEGO?does not sponsor, authorize or endorse Guild of Bricksmiths TM activities in any way.
  • All models and images of them are the property of the respective Bricksmiths. All rights reserved. Please contact individual Bricksmiths for more information on them.
  • Definitions and citations courtesy of
  • We believe our use is without intent to infringe and falls within the spirit of the linking policy.
  • The history is the way we remember it. NO warranty as to 100% accuracy is intended or implied. Any omissions are without intent to infringe.
  • We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of the contact information presented here.
  • Any "harvesting" of contact info is strictly disallowed and may be dealt with in any manner or fashion legally allowed.
  • Backgrounds courtesy of Fibblesnork TM  (Copyright held by by Todd Lehman)
  • When creating a site of your own:
    • We suggest you review the Fair Play policy of the LEGO? Group.
    • You are welcome (encouraged, even) to copy the text and format of this disclaimer page and modify it to suit your needs. If you want to credit me that would be nice but is not required.
    • A general hint: Be unstinting with credit. If your work borrows heavily from the work of others, acknowledge that. We'll all think more of it that way!
  • The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of:
    • Anybody's previous employers.
    • Anybody's current employers.
    • the Lego Group.
    • OR anyone else, either. we are loony enough to come up with them all by ourselves.
  • Help stop trademark and copyright dilution:
    • Guild of Bricksmiths TM is a trademark of the Guild. Unauthorised use is prohibited.
    • Many of the distinctive devices such as the Guild of Bricksmiths TM horizontal banner, the shield logo, and others are trade dress of the Guild of Bricksmiths TM, and were produced by Bricksmith and talented graphic artist John Neal, please contact him for details. Unauthorised use of any of our trade dress is prohibited.
    • Individual Bricksmith Trademarks:
      • Brickmania TM is a trademark of Daniel Siskind. Unauthorised use is prohibited.
      • Carolina Train Builders TM is a trademark of Mike Walsh. Unauthorised use is prohibited.
      • Fletcher Jennings Models TM is a trademark of James Powell. Unauthorised use is prohibited.
      • Lions Gate Models TM is a trademark of Kevin Wilson. Unauthorised use is prohibited.
      • Milton Train Works TM is a trademark of Larry Pieniazek. Unauthorised use is prohibited.
      • Northstar Computer Systems TM is a trademark of Eric Smith. Unauthorised use is prohibited.
      • StRuCtures TM is a trademark of Steve Chapple. Unauthorised use is prohibited.
    • LUGNET TM, AucZILLA TM and Fibblesnork TM are all trademarks of Todd S. Lehman and Suzanne D. Rich.
    • BrickLinkTM is a trademark of the legal entity that owns the BrickLink website.
    • Pause (magazine) is a trademark of Zucaro Internet Publishing.
    • Other products or trademarks named are used for reference, without any implied endorsement by their holders and without intent to infringe.
    • Any uncredited reference to copyrighted or trademarked material is strictly unintentional. It will be rectified if brought to Larry Pieniazek's attention.
  • Some settling of contents may have occured during shipment. This website is sold by weight, not by volume. You have received full measure.
  • Not valid where prohibited by law.
  • Do not taunt happy fun ball.
  • NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition!
  • Play Well!
  • See the full disclaimer (silly! that's THIS page!)
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