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Kits of Distinction: Designed by Craftsmen, Built by Connoisseurs

Why Definitions?

This page gives some background on the guild in an entertaining way by presenting definitions of some of the key words. These definitions give insight to our thought process and were where we started our thinking, in some cases.

We put a lot of thought into our name and our motto. Every word was hotly debated amongst ourselves. So let's examine the key words, to shed light on what we are and what we want to achieve.

Key Word Definitions

(all Definitions and citations courtesy of Dictionary.com)
guild also gild (gld). n. 1. An association of persons of the same trade or pursuits, formed to protect mutual interests and maintain standards.
[Middle English gild, from Old Norse gildi, payment, guild.]
smith (smth) n. 1. One who makes or works at something specified. Often used in combination: a locksmith; a wordsmith; a bricksmith.
[Middle English from Old English.]
kit (kt) n. 1. A set of parts or materials to be assembled:a LEGO® kit.
2. A packaged set of related materials: a motherboard upgrade kit.
[Middle English kitte, wooden tub, probably from Middle Dutch.]
dis·tinc·tion (d-stngkshn) n. 1. Excellence or eminence, as of performance, character, or reputation: a diplomat of distinction.
2. A special feature or quality conferring superiority.
3. Recognition of achievement or superiority; honor: graduated with distinction.
[Latin distinctio see also French distinction]
crafts·man (krftsmn) n. 1. A professional whose work is consistently of high quality; "as an actor he was a consummate craftsman"
2. A creator of great skill in the manual arts
[Middle English from Old English cræft.]
con·nois·seur (kn-sûr, -sr) n. 1. A person of informed and discriminating taste: a connoisseur of fine wines.
2. One well versed in any subject; a skillful or knowing person; a critical judge of any art, particulary of one of the fine arts.
        The connoisseur is ``one who knows,'' as opposed to the dilettant, who only ``thinks he knows.'' --Fairholt.
[Obsolete French from Old French connoisseor, from connoistre, to know, from Latin cognscere, to learn, know; see cognition.]

Putting the Pieces Together

That's a lot of definitions! But what do they all mean?

  • We're a guild, that is, we've banded together to support each other, and to protect what we hold dear, in this case, the high quality of design and development that we know can be achieved using our favorite brick.
  • We're not just any guild, though... We're a band of bricksmiths, that is, people who know all the ins and outs of what to do with a LEGO brick. People who've been around the hobby for a while and have learned what can be done and what can't.
  • But we're not just journeymen, we're craftsmen and we intend our work to be consistently of high quality. We're people who can make wonderful creations, people who can bring gasps of joy and amazement to the average fan. And we've banded together because we want to do something about the dearth of high quality adult LEGO kits.
  • We formed to bring you, the adult Fan of LEGO, something you can't get anywhere else. We know you want kits, not just playsets, but kits. Kits that required thought to design and will require time and effort for you to build and enjoy.
  • They need to be kits of distinction, that is, kits that are head and shoulders above what you've seen before, kits that really raise the bar in what is achievable.
  • You, the connoisseur. the truly discriminating fan, who knows quality when you see it, are our target market. We're proud to be able to bring you our wares. We know you will enjoy putting them together as much as we enjoyed developing them.
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So: The Guild of Bricksmiths - Kits of Distinction: Designed by Craftsmen, Built by Connoisseurs

Hopefully you enjoyed reading these definitions and that they give you a little insight. But for the fullest appreciation of what the Guild is all about, buy a kit from any Bricksmith, and you'll find out!

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